Save the Date!

Saturday, June 3, 2017
South Glenmore Park – West End, Calgary, AB
(90th Avenue & Oakmount Drive SW)
10:00AM – 2:00PM


Our goal for 2016: 800+ dog owners and their pooches!

When our departments got together to plan Dog Jog 2016 we had a big vision – we wanted to take on the world! The world record that is. After doing our research on what world record we could set we set our course on “the most dogs wearing bandanas”. The previous record was held by an Australian SPCA who had 764 dogs wearing bandanas, so to beat the world record we would need at least 765 dogs at Dog Jog…

765 dogs?! That was more dogs than we’d ever had at Dog Jog before, but we knew we could do it! In the days leading up to Dog Jog we put out a request on social media to the awesome supporters on the CHS Facebook page! In just a few hours our supporters got the message out to thousands of dog owners in and around the Calgary area. The end result? An amazing 813 dogs sporting their finest bandanas flooded the Dog Jog field! We had enough to set the record!

Setting a world record was fun, but Dog Jog 2016 was important for another reason too: Dog Jog is Calgary Humane Society’s biggest fundraiser. The funds raised at Dog Jog will help to care for the more than 7,000 animals Calgary Humane Society helps each year. Together at Dog Jog we raised over $123,000 to help fund vital care and services, including protection investigations, humane education programs and community outreach, as well as adoption, veterinary treatment, behaviour support and daily care for each and every animal at the shelter.

Thank you Calgary for your continued support!


Look how much fun we had in 2016