The Marks Family is once again hosting their ever famous Pink Party. On this, their 10 year anniversary the Marks Family Pink Party will be raising money for Calgary Humane Society’s Emergency Boarding Program.

The CHS Emergency Boarding Program provides temporary housing for family pets during emergency situations such as fire, flood or hospitalization. The family pet finds a home within our shelter until such a time that they can be placed back with their owner.

Both the Marks Family and CHS thanks you for choosing to support one of our shelter priorities and for continuing to help your community.


Event Details:

Friday March 31st, 2017

Local 522 – 522 6th Ave SW

Doors open at 9:00PM, must arrive by 11:00PM

Donations will be accepted at the door

Must wear pink!


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Hear about Marty Pants and his incredible story featuring our Emergency Boarding Program

The “Emergency Boarding Program” at Calgary Humane Society offers short term housing for people in crisis with pets. This is a last resort program for individuals experiencing a crisis in their life and are unable to care for their animals.  When emergencies such as loss of house due to fire or flood, or sudden hospitalization are examples of when people with pets need our Emergency Boarding Program.

Funding for this program will provide these animals with an examination, vaccinations and medicines as required, spaying/neutering (if necessary), and of course their daily food, water, treats & toys, socialization, exercise and love until they can be reunited with their owner.


Marty Pants’ owner had been at work when she received notice that the town would have to be evacuated. She attempted to go and get Marty before having to leave, but when she drove to the Beacon Hill neighbourhood she was informed it was not safe, and she would not be allowed in.

She turned away, but couldn’t just leave her beloved cat behind. Marty’s owner jumped out of her car, and tried to return to her home on foot. She was stopped by police, who offered to escort her back to her car, but once she made it there her car was nowhere to be seen, as it was engulfed in smoke. They drove her to the nearest evacuation spot, where she would have to wait and hope.

Alberta SPCA had been taking notices from owners who had to leave their animals behind and Marty had been one of them.  Rescue workers managed to get into the home and were able to rescue Marty and evacuated him to the rescue centre in Edmonton, where he would spend his days hoping to be reunited with his family. On June 16, a caravan of CHS workers would make the drive up to Edmonton to transport animals who had yet to be reunited with their families. In total they picked up 43 cats and brought them back to CHS.


On June 17, Marty Pants’ owner had received word that he was transferred to Calgary, where miraculously she just happened to be as well! She immediately contacted the admissions department at Calgary Humane Society and asked if she could come to see him. She had set up a time to visit on June 18. She was worried that Marty would be traumatized, because of what happened. But as soon as she saw him, she realized he was going to be alright!

Over the next week Marty’s owner came to visit and they would spend time in our serenity room, giving cuddles, getting brushed and enjoying each others company. Over this time, Marty’s eye’s seemed to get brighter, and his fur went back to the beautiful coat he had before the fire. Marty’s owner always brought in treats for the Calgary Humane Society team as she was so grateful for the care and love he received while she tried to piece her life back together.

On June 26, we got word that Marty Pants’ owner had found a new home in Fort McMurray and that she would be here to pick him up for their long drive back. Everyone in the admissions department was sad that Marty was going home, as bonded with him and his owner over the time he spent with us but we were so excited we were able to care for him until he was returned to his home!


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