Losing a pet is stressful.  To increase the chances of a happy ending, Calgary Humane Society urges you to take immediate action to recover your pet.  Any delay may significantly decrease chances of the safe recovery of your pet.  Don’t wait a few days to see if he or she will come home, start looking right away.  We can help you through it.


Lost and Found Animal Database

The animals posted on this page are stray animals only and not presently available for adoption. To view adoptable animals please visit: http://www.calgaryhumane.ca/adopt/

If you recognize one of these animals as your lost pet, please contact our Admissions department at 403-723-6025. If you believe an animal on this page belongs to someone you know, please have them contact us directly. Stray animals are subject to a boarding and/or redemption fee.



Lost your pet? Follow our step-by-step checklist:


Don’t give up! We have returned lost pets to their owners after months, and even years, of separation!

Found a Pet?

So, a stray animal has decided you can rescue him/her and you don’t know quite what to do. We can help!

City of Calgary Animal and By-law Services should be contacted at 311. They respond to:

  • All stray dogs found within the City of Calgary city limits.
  • All injured stray cats found within the City of Calgary city limits.
  • All cats found with permanent ID, i.e. microchip, legible tattoo, or city license tag found within the City of Calgary city limits.

We, the Calgary Humane Society will take:

  •  stray animals found outside the city of Calgary city limits (including all dogs found in Fish Creek Provincial Park)
  •  stray cats with no ID found in the city of Calgary
  •  all found exotic pets such as rabbits and birds.

If you have found a mother and a litter or an orphaned litter, contact us at 403-205-4455 for advice before taking action. Do not move the litter unless they are in immediate danger.  CHS does not have a pick-up service.

Found Wildlife?

If you have found an injured or orphaned wildlife contact Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society at 403-239-2488 or for large wildlife contact Alberta Fish and Wildlife at 403-297-6423.  Do not move or approach the animal.

Locating the Owner

  • Check to see if the animal has any form of identification – city license, tattoo, rabies tag, personalized identification tag, or microchip (this requires a scanner so the animal will need to be taken into a vet clinic or our shelter).
  • Register the animal on PetLynx, Kijiji Pets Lost & Found site, Facebook and YYC Pet Recovery. These websites post lost and found pets; the owner may have already posted a lost report on one of these sites so scrolling through the lost reports may help you connect with an owner looking for their lost pet.
  • Place a found ad in the newspaper (often a free service) and check the lost advertisements.
  • Post notices in the area where the animal was found with a description or photo and information about how you can be contacted.
  • Ask neighbours if they recognize the cat or dog you have found, or if they know of a household that recently lost a pet. If someone claims to be the animal’s owner, insist on identification and proof of ownership before releasing him.

Bringing the Animal In

Before bringing strays to the Calgary Humane Society call ahead, 403-723-6025, there may already be a record of the lost pet and you may be matched with the owners right away, saving the animal and you a trip to the shelter

Animal Admissions hours are 12:00. – 7:00 p.m. on weekdays, and 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on weekends.

If you are unable to bring the animal to a shelter, consider bringing him to one of the emergency vet clinics. If transportation is absolutely impossible – for stray dogs and cats with identification found within city limits contact City Animal Services 311.

Keeping the Animal

Never keep a found pet, do not make the assumption that the pet you have found isn’t being missed by a frantic family. Most pet owners with lost pets will contact the City of Calgary Animal and By-law Services and/or The Calgary Humane Society to place a lost report and to visit these facilities to look for their pet. Both facilities have the means to take lost reports and to trace any Identification so that the lost pet can be returned quickly to its’ home. Both facilities provide legal holding periods for strays that are set by the Animal Protection Act of Alberta and the City of Calgary municipal bylaw.

Do not assume because you have not seen any posters for lost pets in your area that no one is looking,  they may not live in the same neighborhood the pet was found in. We have returned many animals that were found in the opposite end of the city, cats can and do hide in cars or service vehicles and may find themselves transported a long way from their home. Some ID is not visible such as a microchip; they require a scanner to read the chip, which will provide contact information for owner of that pet. If you were to simply keep a stray you’ve found, you are vulnerable to legal action if the owner should come forward.